review: Thann Jasmine Blossom Bath Salts, Shower Cream & Body Milk

The first product I used from Thann was their Aromatic Wood Hand Cream. I loved how it kept my hands soft without any greasiness. I liked how the products were not only environmentally friendly but they actually worked. So I was excited to try the Jasmine Blossom products which are part of the Rice Collection.

I purchased the Jasmine Blossom Shower Cream and Rice Extract Body Milk as a set which also included two Jasmine Blossom Bath Salts–yay! I was excited to use these products and looked forward to going home and showering!
photo 1 photo 4

Thann Jasmine Blossom (Aromatic Bath Salt with Jasmine Essential Oil): As it’s still September, it’s still kinda hot to take a bath. But I wanted to try these bath salts so I hurried to take a bath. As the salts disintegrate in the bath the fresh aroma of jasmine feels the bathroom. It’s fragrant yet subtle. I realize I don’t enjoy taking a bath in warm weather. But it was relaxing and did leave my skin soft. I liked these bath salts but I think I would rather buy them in a different aroma.

photo 3 11.30.26 PM

Thann Jasmine Blossom Shower Cream (with Organic Coconut, Rice Bran, Jojoba Oils and Shea Butter): The shower cream is paraben and soap free and doesn’t use any artificial colors or fragrances. I really like this product because it left my skin feeling smooth and soft. Just looking at the ingredients included you know your skin will be well nourished. I like how this body cream’s moisturizing effect is long lasting.  Definitely recommend trying this.
photo 2-1

Thann Jasmine Blossom Rice Extract Body Milk (with Organic Evening Primrose and Organic Olive Oils): After using the shower cream I also tried the body milk. I think this product sounds too good to be true but it really lives up to its name. Your skin feels so silky and there is not a trace of greasiness. Sometimes I think the Jasmine smell might be a little strong–per Boo-chan. But I think you get used to it. Maybe it’s because I used both the shower cream and the lotion. The jasmine essential oil definitely relaxes my mind while the other oils enriches my skin. It’s also said that using this will stimulate collagen production within the next 72hrs. I do feel my skin is firmer but I dunno if its a subconscious thing or not. Regardless, I definitely recommend this lotion. Your skin will thank you.
photo 3-1
I have tried numerous organic products, and many of them fall short of what I expected. But Thann products have always lived up to their name and reputation. They use natural organic products which include nutrients that enrich both your mind and body. If you haven’t tried any Thann product you should. You will become hooked. My favorite is the aromatic wood, but sometimes it might smell a lithe too masculine. It’s very musky. What are your favorite organic products?

ms fancy pants tokyo & Aromatic Wood Hand Cream

  • Thann (タン 表参道ヒルズ店)
  • 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
    Omotesando Hills B2F
  • Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-20:00
  • 03-6438-0037

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