review: Thann Jasmine Blossom Bath Salts, Shower Cream & Body Milk

The first product I used from Thann was their Aromatic Wood Hand Cream. I loved how it kept my hands soft without any greasiness. I liked how the products were not only environmentally friendly but they actually worked. So I was excited to try the Jasmine Blossom products which are part of the Rice Collection. […]

keeping a little secret inside….

So recently, I have been keeping a little secret inside…. Yup, a baby is on the way!  Time to watch out, I’m officially eating for two now! Hope this new edition will bring lots of laughs, new adventures, and will add to all of my loves! xxxo, ms fancy pants tokyo & the life changing […]

anniversary dinner @ Pierre Gagnaire

Today is mine and Boo-chan’s 4th Anniversary! And since I’m pregnant now, it will be our last anniversary as a couple–next year we will be a family of three! So we decided to go to Pierre Gagnaire (ピエール・ガニェール) in ANA Intercontinental Hotel. We had fabulous seats in front of the window with a great view of […]

nails @ March Nails Salon (Shibuya)

My wedding anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something different for my nails. It’s still hot here, but September is one of those in between season months. So I made my appointment, and it was off to my favorite nail salon, March Nails Shibuya (マーチ渋谷店). Every time I come here, I constantly […]