ton katsu tuesday @ wako

Yesterday was awful weather, a spring storm as they called it. Strong winds, tons of broken umbrellas lining the streets and plenty of drenched people. Boo-chan and I took shelter at home for most of the day, then decided to venture off to Shinjuku (新宿) to shop a little and grab some dinner.

I love Shinjuku Station because you can walk through underground passages to get to areas further from the station, perfect for a rainy day! It’s not only large and confusing, but it’s the world’s busiest transport hub station. 1. All the yellow signs are different exits you can take from Shinjuku Station.


1. After shopping a bit, as we were walking through the station I found one of my favorite chain restaurants Ton-katsu Wako (和幸) in Subnade. And since it had been a while, we decided to go there for dinner!  2. For those who can’t read Japanese, outside the restaurant you can see menu items neatly displayed. Ton-katsu is breaded deep fried pork cutlet.

img_wako_002 070214_132326

As it is spring, the restaurant was decorated with cherry blossoms. I like how the restaurant is Japanese with a modern feel.

DSC_3183 DSC_3169

I ordered sazanka (さざんか), which included two bite sized fillet pork cutlet and cheese filled minced meat (チーズ入りメンチかつ), and I ordered a fried shrimp (海老フライ).


 Boo-chan ordered sirloin pork cutlet (ロースかつ) . He had already doused it with sauce.


He also couldn’t resist ordering the cheese filled minced meat on the side.


Each meal comes in a set, which includes a small dish of Japanese pickles, rice, cabbage and miso soup.


The miso soup has baby clams in it, and it is refillable along with the rice and cabbage.


I love eating a lot of cabbage, they say it breaks down the oil from the fried pork if you eat the cabbage first.  All the condiments, from the left the delish yuzu dressing for the cabbage, yellow spicy mustard and ton-katsu sauce in the ceramic pot.


I love ton-katsu. It’s definitely a tasty weakness! So what fried foods are you addicted to?


ms fancy pants tokyo & delicious yuzu dressing


  • Tonkatsu Wako (とんかつ和幸)
  • 1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • B1 Shinjuku Subnade No. 1
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00
  • 03-5269-0433

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