lunch @ Cicada

My parents and I love Cicada, and they always request to go here when they come to visit Tokyo. Since Baby Sakuma is still only 2 weeks old, my mama and I decided to have a mother-daughter lunch date, while my dad watches the baby. I was so excited to have mother-daughter time. Every time I […]

teppanyaki lunch at Seryna Steak Dome in Yokohama

I love meat especially when it comes to teppanyaki (鉄板焼き)! So I was excited to go to Seryna Steak Dome (横浜 瀬里奈 ステーキドーム) for lunch in Yokohama (横浜). It had been awhile since we last came, and I had only been here for dinner. We sat at the end of the table.  By the time […]

girls lunch at TY Harbor

I love all the TY Express Restaurants. So I was so glad that Nancy invited me to lunch at TY Harbor Brewery. I rarely make it out here because it’s a little far from my house. But once in a while its fun to dine here. The restaurant was once a warehouse, but now is a […]

lunch at Ukibukuro

Ree-O and I were craving something on the healthier side. So what better, then to eat fish at Ukibukuro (鰾/うきぶくろ). They receive fresh fish and seafood daily from Tsukiji Fish Market.  You can order grilled (焼き魚), steamed (煮る) or raw fish (刺身), along with a variety of seafood and donburis (丼). They only serve lunch on the […]